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👾What I'm doing now


🔬ORCID 0000-0001-9084-6971


useful projects

🍭sweet spot (2013, with Leah Dickstein, for Facebook NorCal Regional Hackathon)

🔧MechE Course Guide (2014-15)

🥑studyfruit (2015)

🎅🏽secretsanta (2015)

📊datamap (2016)

🤖moment-bot (2017)

📓friendlog (2018)

artsy projects

🔔campanile (2014, with Arun Jandaur, Kate Rakelly, Kevin Chen, for Hack the Bells)

💰mystartup (2015)

ℹ️website for Berkeley Carillon Guild (2016)

👽SlargNacking (2016)

🎶TwitchPlaysMusic (2017 performance clip here)

🌈pleasant-places (2018)

sciency projects

⬛rubik (2015)

🔢sudoku (2015)

🌽maze (2015)

🔺triangles (2016)

🍄count-spots (2017)

📢trump_yelling (2017)

💓automata (2018)


💁helping TAs conduct video office hours (2015)

🐍the big deal about Python (2016)

🍻7-beers-matching (2018)


👨‍⚕️CollegeConnect (2014-15, with Andre Askari and Zachary Zeleznick, winning entry for Accenture Hackathon Games)

💬baton (2015)

ℹ️website for OtterNest (2015, team has disbanded)

🎇congrats (what's proton-js?) (2018, with Ishaan Jain)

teaching (software carpentry)

at UC Berkeley (2015) (blog post)

at Purdue University (2016)

at SSAI (NASA-Langley) (2017) (blog post)

at West Virginia University (2017)

at University of Arkansas (2017)

at SSAI (NASA-Wise) (2017) (blog post)

at Elizabeth City State University (2017)

at Stony Brook University (2018)

at UC San Francisco (2018)

at UC Berkeley (2018)

at University of Virgin Islands (2018)

at UC San Francisco (2018)

(upcoming) at Florida A&M University (2018)


carillonist, Sather Tower Carillon (2012-2016, 2018-)

maintainer, Moment.js (2017-)

employee, Pandora Media (2018-)


eagle scout, boy scouts of america (2006-2011)

student, UC Berkeley (2012-2016)

organizer, Python Practice working group (2016)

employee, Palantir Technologies (2016-2018)