Kunal Marwaha

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useful projects

🏀sweet spot (2013)
tool to scout players’ shooting performance
with Leah Dickstein, for Facebook NorCal Regional Hackathon

🔧MechE Course Guide (2014-15)
map of Cal’s undergrad Mechanical Engineering courses

🥑studyfruit (2015)
wiki of student materials for UC Berkeley classes

🎅🏽secretsanta (2015)
assigns gift-givers for secret santa exchanges

📊datamap (2016)
resources at UC Berkeley related to data science

🤖moment-bot (2017)
auto-lints pull requests to Moment.js

📓friendlog (2018)
command-line journal for intentional friendship

artsy projects

🔔campanile (2014)
leave a virtual message on Cal’s bell tower
with Arun Jandaur, Kate Rakelly, Kevin Chen, for Hack the Bells

💰mystartup (2015)
sarcastic startup tagline generator

ℹ️website for Berkeley Carillon Guild (2016)
carillonist students at Berkeley

👽SlargNacking (2016)
don’t be happy, be interested

🎶TwitchPlaysMusic (2017)
real-time sheet music generator from Twitch comments
performance clip from the Campanile here

🌈pleasant-places (2018)
interactive United States map to find pleasant weather

sciency projects

⬛rubik (2015)
Rubik’s cube simulator and solver

🔢sudoku (2015)
Sudoku maze generator and solver

🌽maze (2015)
path-finding in random 2D mazes

🔺triangles (2016)
counting triangles in bigger triangles

🍄count-spots (2017)
locating and counting spots in an image

📢trump_yelling (2017)
twitter analysis of Trump’s ALLCAPS tweets

💓automata (2018)
simple cellular automata generator

🏃QWOPPER (2019)
a programmatic interface for QWOP


💁helping TAs conduct video office hours (2015)
solutions for conducting remote office hours

🐍the big deal about Python (2016)
on learning to code and the Python programming language

🍻7-beers-matching (2018)
beer-themed probability problem
source .tex file here

🌀my response to a clean code challenge (2018)
de-mystifying a function to make square spirals
challenge from Thai Pangsakulyanont

👣more than workshops (2018)
on contributions to the volunteer group The Carpentries
from the conference CarpentryConnect Davis

🌎websites (2018)
evolving philosophy on website-building

👷rtebn-tech-audit (2018)
Dec 2018 technology audit for Rebuilding Together - East Bay North

 mac (2018)
tips and tools on using a Mac

🐻cal (2019)
reflections on attending UC Berkeley

🚀shock-front-math (2019)
math behind blue angels and supernovae
source .tex file here


👨‍⚕️CollegeConnect (2014-15)
peer-to-peer computer-to-cellphone mental health app
with Andre Askari, Zachary Zeleznick, winning entry for Accenture Hackathon Games

💬baton (2015)
answer student questions: they text you, you respond online

ℹ️website for OtterNest (2015)
ideas from a healthcare startup incubator; team has disbanded

🎇congrats (2018)
playing with a Javascript particle engine
with Ishaan Jain

chiming in (small contributions)

🔥flamin’ hot cheetos font (2019)
a flamin’ fontfile and optimized images
from erica du’s nostalgia

🎚slider for polygons in contact (2019)
beautiful geometric shapes, now interactive
from Yomna’s !!con talk

teaching (software carpentry)

at UC Berkeley (blog post)

at Purdue University
at SSAI / NASA-Langley (blog post)

at West Virginia University
at University of Arkansas
at SSAI / NASA-Wise (blog post)
at Elizabeth City State University

at Stony Brook University
at UC San Francisco
at UC Berkeley
at University of Virgin Islands (blog post)
at UC San Francisco


carillonist (2012-)
Sather Tower Carillon

maintainer (2017-)

employee (2018-)
Pandora Media


eagle scout (2006-2011)
boy scouts of america

undergraduate student (2012-2016)
UC Berkeley / "Cal"

working group organizer (2016)
Python Practice

employee (2016-2018)
Palantir Technologies

I love questions as much as answers. Drop me a note anytime.