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# me in 15 seconds

People describe me as enthusiastic, obsessive, and spontaneous. I really enjoy teaching, playing music, good questions, and learning new things. Here’s what I’m up to lately.

I’m a graduate student in quantum computing at the University of Chicago, advised by Bill Fefferman. I focus on quantum algorithms. I previously worked as a software engineer and still make a lot of online hobby projects.

You can email me, or find me on Twitter or GitHub. Support me by donating to a cause.

# my research

I want to understand the possibilities and limits of quantum algorithms. I currently look at the effectiveness of local algorithms, like the QAOA, on problems in combinatorial optimization. Here’s my Google Scholar page and ORCID.

One day, I would like to learn more about Hamiltonian simulation and estimation (like qDRIFT and QSVT). I’m also learning about quantum complexity classes. Projects like the Complexity Zoo and Quantum Algorithm Zoo are really cool!

# career highlights

🏡 hometown: sunny Sacramento, California

🦅 eagle scout, 2011

📜 uc berkeley, class of 2016, eng. physics and eecs

🔬 public health research tools, Palantir

🎸 music data pipelines, Pandora

✍️ currently: algorithms for quantum computers

My favorite corners of life are uncomfortable, serene, haunting, and beautiful.