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# research

I study quantum information. I recently put a paper online studying an algorithm for quantum computers.

In the past, I’ve thought about quantum state estimation, philosophy of science, computational fluids, and lattice spin systems.

👻 Quantum Applications of an Efficient Solution to Compressive Phase Retrieval (2015)
using signal processing theory in quantum mechanics
presentation slides here

🔦 Applications of Bilinear Control Theory in Nonlinear Spectroscopy (2016)
using light to estimate stuff
presentation slides here
code (as .ipynb, as .pdf)

🚀 shock-front-math (2019)
re-deriving the math behind supernovae
source .tex file here

📐 lakatos (2019)
notes on Imre Lakatos and passionate rationalism

🔮 interstellar-bubbles (2019)
some stars blow themselves a cocoon

🧮 Counting in the XX Model (2019)
at infinite temperature, quantum systems are counting problems
source .tex file here

🔡 algebra-fun (2020)
fun facts about 2x2 real matrices
source .tex file here

◬ steiner systems (2020)
design theory, oh my!

🗺 qc-landscape (2020)
my mind map of the quantum computing research landscape

☁️ arxiv-wordcloud (2021)
visualize your research from arXiv abstracts

📎 (2021)
for everything that isn’t in the paper

# puzzles

I adore puzzles. I learned to write my own when teaching a probability class.

🥞 pancakes (2015)
delicious logic problem (see problem 2)

🍽 Goldilocks and the Assistant (2015)
fairy-tale-themed logic problem

🔺 triangles (2016)
counting triangles in bigger triangles

🍻 7-beers-matching (2018)
beer-themed probability problem
source .tex file here

🎰 powerball-problem (2020)
what’s the chance of finding your matches?
source .tex file here

🍇 grape-codes (2020)
exploring and playing with JRMF material
source .tex file here

⬣ Tiles of Tantrix (2020)
counting paths passing through hexagons
source .tex file here

# code for play

💰 mystartup (2015)
sarcastic startup tagline generator

👽 SlargNacking (2016)
don’t be happy, be interested

⏲️ altclock (2020)
experience time differently

🟧 otomata (2021)
a JavaScript rewrite of a procedural music generator
extensions in progress

# code for places

🌈 pleasant-places (2018)
interactive United States map to find pleasant weather

🚵 berkeleystreets (2020)
Where have I yet to explore?

🍕 pizza (2020)
my east bay pizza diary

🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏽 ca-center (2020)
where’s the center of california?
see the center of each state here

# code for understanding

🌽 maze (2015)
path-finding in random 2D mazes

📢 trump_yelling (2017)
twitter analysis of Trump’s ALLCAPS tweets

🦠 ecoli (2020)
analyzing Penobscot River’s E. Coli concentration
with Angie Reed

# code for use

🏀 sweet spot (2013)
tool to scout players’ shooting performance
with Leah Dickstein, for Facebook NorCal Regional Hackathon

⬛ rubik (2015)
Rubik’s cube simulator and solver

🔢 sudoku (2015)
Sudoku maze generator and solver

🎅🏽 secretsanta (2015)
assigns gift-givers for secret santa exchanges

🍄 count-spots (2017)
locating and counting spots in an image

📓 friendlog (2018)
command-line journal for intentional friendship

🏃 QWOPPER (2019)
a programmatic interface for QWOP

▶️ get old youtube links from fb messages (2020)
find old favorites you’ve forgotten

# code for testing

I often prototype new ideas. Not everything gets polished.

👨‍⚕️ CollegeConnect (2014-15)
peer-to-peer computer-to-cellphone mental health app
with Andre Askari, Zachary Zeleznick, winning entry for Accenture Hackathon Games

💬 baton (2015)
answer student questions en masse: they text you, you respond online

🕸️ website for OtterNest (2015)
ideas from a healthcare startup incubator; team has disbanded

🎇 congrats (2018)
playing with a Javascript particle engine
with Ishaan Jain

💓 automata (2018)
simple cellular automata generator

🌀 spirals (2019)
around and around with Python’s Turtle graphics
movies: spirals1.mp4 (1.5M), spirals2.mp4 (4.2M), spirals3.mp4 (3.0M)

📖 jupyter-diff (2019)
an experiment in version control for Jupyter notebooks
with Saul Shanabrook at a Jupyter Open Studio Day

👨‍💻 qosf-screening (2020)
a Python challenge with quantum circuits
from the Quantum Open Source Foundation

🔭 the future of (demo here) (2019)
existing website here

# code for health

🤧 covid-19 advice (2020)
decision support tools for Kaiser Permanente clinicians
email me for more information

☀️ suntrac (2021)
post-transplant skin cancer risk calculator

# code for code

Free software gets me excited. I’ve maintained Moment.js since 2017.

🤖 moment-bot (2017)
auto-lints pull requests to Moment.js

✨ my response to a clean code challenge (2018)
de-mystifying a function to make square spirals
challenge from Thai Pangsakulyanont

🔤 github-typo (2019)
fixing typos on GitHub, until I got shut down
(2021 edit: now you can fix one yourself)

Here’s a comic strip I really like. Or check out Erica Du’s 🔥 flamin’ hot cheetos font.