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# research

I study quantum information, currently trying to extend this paper.

In the past, I’ve thought about quantum state estimation, philosophy of science, computational fluids, and lattice spin systems.

👻 Quantum Applications of an Efficient Solution to Compressive Phase Retrieval (2015)
using signal processing theory in quantum mechanics
presentation slides here

🔦 Applications of Bilinear Control Theory in Nonlinear Spectroscopy (2016)
using light to estimate stuff
presentation slides here
code (as .ipynb, as .pdf)

🚀 shock-front-math (2019)
re-deriving the math behind supernovae
source .tex file here

📐 lakatos (2019)
notes on Imre Lakatos and passionate rationalism

🔮 interstellar-bubbles (2019)
some stars blow themselves a cocoon

🧮 Counting in the XX Model (2019)
at infinite temperature, quantum systems are counting problems
source .tex file here

🔡 algebra-fun (2020)
fun facts about 2x2 real matrices
source .tex file here

◬ steiner systems (2020)
design theory, oh my!

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# undergrad

I went to college at UC Berkeley from 2012-2016. It was awesome.

🔧 MechE Course Guide (2014-15)
map of Cal’s undergrad Mechanical Engineering courses

🥑 studyfruit (2015, revised 2020)
wiki of student materials for UC Berkeley classes

💁 helping TAs conduct video office hours (2015)
solutions for conducting remote office hours

📊 datamap (2016)
resources at UC Berkeley related to data science

🐍 the big deal about Python (2016)
on learning to code and the Python programming language
link to my working group (I was an instructor at D-Lab)

🐻 cal (2019)
reflections on attending UC Berkeley

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# bells

I’ve played the carillon, a very unusual instrument, since 2012.

🔔 campanile (2014)
leave a virtual message on Cal’s bell tower
with Arun Jandaur, Kate Rakelly, Kevin Chen, for Hack the Bells

🕸️ website for Berkeley Carillon Guild (2016)
carillonist students at Berkeley

🎶 TwitchPlaysMusic (2017)
real-time sheet music generator from Twitch comments
performance clip from the Campanile here

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# puzzles

I adore puzzles. I learned to write my own when teaching a probability class.

⬛ rubik (2015)
Rubik’s cube simulator and solver

🔢 sudoku (2015)
Sudoku maze generator and solver

🥞 pancakes (2015)
delicious logic problem (see problem 2)

🍽 Goldilocks and the Assistant (2015)
fairy-tale-themed logic problem

🔺 triangles (2016)
counting triangles in bigger triangles

🍻 7-beers-matching (2018)
beer-themed probability problem
source .tex file here

✨ my response to a clean code challenge (2018)
de-mystifying a function to make square spirals
challenge from Thai Pangsakulyanont

🎰 powerball-problem (2020)
what’s the chance of finding your matches?
source .tex file here

🍇 grape-codes (2020)
exploring and playing with JRMF material
source .tex file here

⬣ Tiles of Tantrix (2020)
counting paths passing through hexagons
source .tex file here

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# code (fun)

I used to work as a software engineer. Programming can be fun!

🌽 maze (2015)
path-finding in random 2D mazes

💰 mystartup (2015)
sarcastic startup tagline generator

👽 SlargNacking (2016)
don’t be happy, be interested

📢 trump_yelling (2017)
twitter analysis of Trump’s ALLCAPS tweets

💓 automata (2018)
simple cellular automata generator

🏃 QWOPPER (2019)
a programmatic interface for QWOP

⏲️ altclock (2020)
experience time differently by counting time differently

🚵 berkeleystreets (2020)
Where have I yet to explore?

🍕 pizza (2020)
my east bay pizza diary

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# code (useful)

I’ve created many tools with a clear purpose in mind.

🏀 sweet spot (2013)
tool to scout players’ shooting performance
with Leah Dickstein, for Facebook NorCal Regional Hackathon

🎅🏽 secretsanta (2015)
assigns gift-givers for secret santa exchanges

🍄 count-spots (2017)
locating and counting spots in an image

🌈 pleasant-places (2018)
interactive United States map to find pleasant weather

📓 friendlog (2018)
command-line journal for intentional friendship

🍎 mac (2018)
tips and tools on using a Mac

🌎 websites (2018)
evolving philosophy on website-building

👷 rtebn-tech-audit (2018)
technology audit for Rebuilding Together - East Bay North

🦠 ecoli (2020)
analyzing Penobscot River’s E. Coli concentrations
with Angie Reed

🎥 myDiya videos (2020)
for Amit Bansal’s health diary company

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# code (hacks)

I often prototype new ideas. Not everything gets polished.

👨‍⚕️ CollegeConnect (2014-15)
peer-to-peer computer-to-cellphone mental health app
with Andre Askari, Zachary Zeleznick, winning entry for Accenture Hackathon Games

💬 baton (2015)
answer student questions en masse: they text you, you respond online

🕸️ website for OtterNest (2015)
ideas from a healthcare startup incubator; team has disbanded

🎇 congrats (2018)
playing with a Javascript particle engine
with Ishaan Jain

🌀 spirals (2019)
around and around with Python’s Turtle graphics
movies: spirals1.mp4 (1.5M), spirals2.mp4 (4.2M), spirals3.mp4 (3.0M)

📖 jupyter-diff (2019)
an experiment in version control for Jupyter notebooks
with Saul Shanabrook at a Jupyter Open Studio Day

👨‍💻 qosf-screening (2020)
a Python challenge with quantum circuits
from the Quantum Open Source Foundation

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# code (community)

Free software gets me excited. I’ve maintained Moment.js since 2017.

🤖 moment-bot (2017)
auto-lints pull requests to Moment.js

🔥 flamin’ hot cheetos font (2019)
a flamin’ fontfile and optimized images
from erica du’s nostalgia

🎚 slider for polygons in contact (2019)
beautiful geometric shapes, now interactive
from Yomna’s !!con talk

🔤 github-typo (2019)
fixing typos on GitHub, until I got shut down

🏥 infrastructure for attending (2019)
breathing life into offline documentation for python libraries
mentored by John Purviance at a Jupyter Open Studio Day

🔭 the future of jupyter.org (demo here) (2019)
existing website here

✏️ better eraser tool in coco-annotator (2019)
how fast can we fix a bug?
with Ryan Avery

🐑 catan (2019)
play with friends who’ve moved away
with Jesus Garcia

🤧 covid-19 advice (2020)
decision support tools for Kaiser Permanente clinicians
email me for more information

♾️ deploy process for introtcs (2020)
for Boaz Barak’s open-source introductory textbook

get old youtube links

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# teaching

I frequently teach programming to academics with the non-profit Software Carpentry.

They recently renamed to The Carpentries. It is one of my favorite organizations.

At CarpentryConnect Davis in 2018, I blogged about different ways people find this group.

at UC Berkeley (blog post)

at Purdue University

at SSAI / NASA-Langley (blog post)
at West Virginia University
at University of Arkansas
at SSAI / NASA-Wise (blog post)
at Elizabeth City State University

at Stony Brook University
at UC San Francisco
at UC Berkeley
at University of Virgin Islands (blog post)
at UC San Francisco

at Georgia Tech
at National Academy of Sciences (with Data Carpentry)
at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab / US-ATLAS
at SSAI / NASA-JPL (with Data Carpentry)
at TribalDATA / Bishop Paiute Tribe (with Data Carpentry)

at SSAI / NASA-JPL (with Data Carpentry)

I also assist with “Software Carpentry”-inspired workshops. In 2015-16, I helped teach a Python Boot Camp at LBNL and organized weekly “Learn to Code” meetups at my co-op.

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Expect the best possible human from me, but give me grace when I fall short. I might prove you right more often than wrong.